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Welcome to Diamond L Kennel

Thanks for dropping by. 

My name is Judy and I live in Seminole Oklahoma.
I have a passion for dogs and have raised them for over 16 years.  I have to say I have loved every day and minute of it as well as each and every fur-baby I have enjoyed caring for.

I personally invite you to look around my site and if you see a pet you are interested in, feel free to call or email me. 

The weight on my puppies will be very accurate. I use veterinary digital scales with weights in pounds and ounces.

I am not one of those who tell you that your puppy is only 3 pounds and when he/she arrives you find out your puppy is really 6 pounds. I will NOT do that. I pride myself in honesty. The weight that is posted is the EXACT weight at the time I posted the picture on my site.

If you are in the area, I have no problem with you making an appointment to stop by and visit with me and see the parents if they are available to be seen.  If I don’t own one of the parents, I will try to get a picture of that parent for you.

Please call me for pricing.  I do take payments over a short period for your puppy and when your puppy is paid for you can pick your fur-baby up.   I am also available to meet you as well.

So look around.  Give me a call. (405) 627-0419



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